Irish Times – Letter to the editor: Was it for this? The state of the nation

Taoiseach Bran Cowen gives a speech at the annual Fianna Fáil Easter Rising 1916 Commemoration at Arbour Hill, Dublin. Cowen insisted yesterday that the Government did not mislead anyone at the weekend when Ministers claimed that no application had been made to the EU. Photograph : Matt Kavanagh, Irish Times

Was it for this? The state of the nation

The Irish Times – Letter to the Editor – 19 November 2010

Madam, – The Irish Times must end its traditional bias in favour of the Green Party. How can you reconcile your editorial lament for the loss of Irish sovereignty (November 18th) with the statement by Minister for Communications Éamon Ryan TD that he doesn’t have a problem with the fact that “the Government ‘may need help’ from Europe”? (Breaking News, November 18th) Mr Ryan should have a read your Editorial first, to even begin to gauge a fraction of the damage he and his spineless, vacuous and downright amateur outfit have inflicted on this former, now fatally failed, State.

Stephen Collins couldn’t have been more lucid and hard-hitting in his analysis (Opinion, November 18th), but he missed the bull’s-eye. Yes, Fianna Fáil is to blame, but the Green Party is too. The Constitution has been continuously undermined by the Green Party, which actively voted in favour of Nama and the bank guarantee. By staying in Government they deprived the Irish people of their constitutional right to vote on the matters themselves, in a referendum or general election, which they were crying out for.

The proposed contract to be made with the IMF/EU is invalid, under the Constitution. I don’t believe the nation or the people ever vested, or intended to vest, the power to dissolve the State, and hand over sovereignty. It is simply ultra vires,or beyond the constitutional powers of the Government. Such power would be akin to it having been given the power to completely strip us of our civil and political rights – indeed our human rights; to be citizens and to be full human beings, with the right of self-determination.

In essence, the Government is attempting to make us slaves; a lost race, which has, like many before, lost its footing on the land. The field is sold, and there seems to be no beating back “the prowler waves off the west coast”, save a case to the European Court of Human Rights. – Yours, etc,


Mary’s Abbey, Dublin 7.

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